#Hashtag Printer

Print Instagram & Twitter Photo’s
Our Instagram & Twitter Printer Stations allow you to crowd source your event photo’s.

It’s simple…. just pick a hashtag and tell your guests to tag their photo’s when they upload to Instagram & Twitter during the event.

Our Stations will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photo’s and (video’s) matchng that hashtag and will automatically download and print them with your own custom template and branding.

Social Media Slideshows and Walls

Not only can you print from Instagram and Twitter, but you can display them in a customisable slideshow or wall presentation. Downloaded photo’s and tweets are automatically added to the slideshow monitor or projection.

Give guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken and monitor attendees tweets in real time at any function, conference or trade show.

Display Advertising
Add interstitial ad to your slideshow. Event names or even commerical advertising can be displayed at timed intervals of photos or videos.

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