Marketing Applications

To market a product, awareness campaign or even grow an audience firstly a product to engage an audience through exciting experiences which sends similar messages to the brands culture is required. Sourcing a product to conduct such a task is one thing however what can you do with the consumer experience from there on? What if you we’re able to generate data on your consumer’s? Data such as;
  • Email databases
  • Survey Questionnaire’s
  • Fan page increased “Likes”
  • Facebook Uploads and tracking number of uploads, impressions, clicks, comments, stories & demographics just to name a few. Not just from a one off post however following the trail all the way to the various networks it becomes exposed to?
Many more options Such data becomes invaluable to an organization’s  priorities and growth strategies. How do we do it? Once the product is selected to create the initial hype the compounding effect is conducted through a multitude of avenues and collective integration of potential options such as:
  • Custom branding on site
  • Custom branding of printing and video footage
  • Animated GIF’s
  • Social media customisation & integration
  • Instant upload to customer Facebook fan page and/or website
  • Live stream video footage of event to customer Facebook page and/or website
+ other medium’s